10 Minute Intense Abs Workout

Hanging knee raises intense abs workoutThis intense 10 minute abs workout is designed to help you build thicker abs – abs that can be seen more easily with a slightly higher bodyfat percentage.

This process can not be accomplished in a week or two, but if you work your abs with a greater degree of intensity over time, you will start to see noticeable improvements.

10 Minute Intense Abs Workout

This workout will be performed as a circuit. There is no structured rest in between exercises. It’s OK to rest a bit to catch your breath, but try to limit rest as much as possible.

You will be working from the ground up, starting on the floor and finishing with hanging knee raises. Use straps if you have to for this exercise. Don’t let a poor grip stop you from hammering your abdominals.

Keep performing this circuit for 10 minutes. Do as much as you can. If you want to use this abs workout multiple times per week, it is recommended that you perform it every other day. This will give you 48 hours of recovery time between sessions.

Workout Notes

  • Sit up, stand up: Lay on the floor is a conventional sit ups position. Sit up slightly, then quickly rock back to the floor. From this position rock back forward and explode up to a standing positioning.
  • Weighted sit ups: Can be performed with a dumbbell on your chest, or with a 10, 25, or 45 pound plate.
  • Goblet squats: Might seem out of place in an abs workout, but you will find that your abs workout very hard during this exercise.

Intense Abs Workout

10 Minute Circuit. Do as much as you can.

Weighted Sit Ups110
Sit Up, Stand Up15
Hanging Knee Raises (Knees to Elbows)110
Goblet Squat110
Barbell or Ab Wheel Roll Outs110
Plank130 seconds
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