3 myths about perfect abs

Perfect abs perfect absMyths about perfect abs are dominating because people keep them alive. They can be not only deceptive, but even dangerous for your health.

The most popular myths about perfect abs, for example, enforce people to buy expensive, but useless training machines. The biggest influence here makes people desire to get perfect shape without hard work and in a short period of time, and seller ambition to sell as much as it’s possible.

Myth #1: To have perfect abs you have to perform just abs workouts

Many people are wasting their time performing exercises for abs and expecting to get perfect abs. The very first thing you have to do, if you want to build perfect abs, is to burn fat of your whole body. That’s why cardio workouts are so important and have to be done as always as abs workout. Cardio and abs workouts are not enough, you have to watch what you eat very strictly. If you are performing abs exercises, doing cardio workouts, but still eating everything, anytime and as much as you want – you are wasting your time. To burn fat lasts longer than to make your abs clearly visible, so do not expect perfect results after few days.

Myth #2: 10 minutes a day and you will have perfect abs

Many advertisements on TV say that 10 minutes a day it’s enough to get perfect abs, but think logically if it’s real? Track your training session, there are many sets of exercises and it lasts longer than 10 minutes to perform just one of them. So how it can be possible to get perfect abs performing just a little part of your training session? Advertisements are omnipotent, but you have to stay rational.

Myth #3: You need special machines to train your abs

This myth made the biggest harm to those who believe that expensive machine will help them to build perfect abdominal muscles. People are spending too much money and the result is that hyped – up training machine is collecting dusts while standing somewhere in a corner or on the cupboard.

All you need to get a six-pack or flatter stomach

  • Right nutrition
  • Workout for your general health
  • Abs workout
  • Cardio workout
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