4 myths about abs

Myths about abs myths about absThese 4 myths about abs must make sense in helping you do the suitable things. People are expecting too much but have no clear information how to build perfect abs that’s why many of them feel disappointed when working out lasts too long and gets no visible result. The worse part of it is that they do not pay attention to what professional trainers are saying and still believe in old but incorrect truth about abs. There are many methods how to build perfect abs, a part of them are effective but other part is just a waste of time. This article would help you to realise what is true and what is false.

Myth #1: While performing abs exercises also burning abdominal fat

Misguided thoughts are about burning abdominal fat while performing exercises for abdominal muscles. To burn abdominal fat you have to reduce fat amount of your whole body, it means to make a lack of calories. The best way to do it is steady cardio workouts and right nutrition. This way you will make your metabolism to work faster, because organism will feel “hunger” and start to use fat as a source of energy.

Myth #2: Abdominal muscles are different than other muscle groups

Do you train your abs otherwise than any other muscle group? If yes, you are not alone. Many people are training abs without any break and expect to burn more abdominal fat. Abdominal muscles, the same as all other muscle groups, need to get rest, so it’s necessary to make breaks during abs training. It’s advisable to train abs 2-3 times a week paying attention to all parts of abdominal area.  Try dynamic movements to make your central body part stronger. These movements would train muscles which help to retain body balance.

Myth #3: To get the best result need to perform infinity of repetitions

Are you expecting to get perfect looking six – pack or to build endurance and power of your abdominal muscles? If your aim is good looking abs, then you are in a wrong way if you are doing hundred of crunches every day. To make your abs clearly visible first of all you have to burn fat of your entire body. Then it’s necessary to regulate your nutrition and to make abs training program. To get good result it’s enough to perform 30 repetitions at once, but it’s necessary to make sure that exercises are done correctly and without any rush.

Myth #4: It is necessary to use abs training machine to get the best result

Many advertisements on TV or scams online try to prove us that we must buy some kind of training machine, otherwise there is no hope to build good looking abdominal muscles. It’s totally untruth. To buy training machine is just a waste of money and also waste of space, because when people realize that training machine is absolutely useless it just stands somewhere in a corner and collects dusts. The only equipment you need to build abs are fitness mat or soft carpet and strong determination.

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