Abs Workout for Men to Get the Ideal Six-packs

When it comes to abs workout for men, the focus is on achieving a six pack generally. The exercises needed to gain a smashing six pack are generally different from the usual abdominal muscle toning exercises. The intensity of the exercises differs mainly, in comparison.

Understanding the Core Muscles

Abs Workout for Men abs workout for menMany men are of the opinion that abs workout for men works better, if they resort to a strenuous routine consistently. But this will not produce any visible result as the abdominal muscles need less repetition and gradual increase of the resistance by increasing the weight, while you do crunches or use the cable equipment. And another important factor to note in the abs workout for men is the fat storage in the abdominal area. Decreasing the fat accumulation will help enormously in getting those washboard abs in a shorter period of time. The core abdominal muscle that forms the six packs is the rectus abdominis, which is present between the ribcage and the pubic bone. You need to focus on toning this muscle, while selecting the exercises.

Exercise Routine

Some best abs workout for men include exercises like weighted twist, hanging leg raise, dumbbell side bend, Bench leg knee up or pull in, crunches including cross body and Swiss ball crunch and the Russian twist.  The exercises should be done thrice individually or in combination with exercises that target other muscles in the region.

Before starting the abs workout, you need to warm up for minimum of five minutes to increase the heart rate.

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