Abs workout routine to get flat stomach

Abs workout routine for woman abs workoutTry this most simple abs workout routine to get flatter stomach. This abs workout routine is more up to women, because men rather select gym and concrete workout program to build perfect abs. Performing exercises, listed below, few times a week, would help you to get flatter stomach.

This abs workout routine don‘t require too much time and you can do it just right here, in your living room, so it doesn‘t matter if you are working full time and have many things to do after work. Even the busiest women want to have flat stomach and look gorgeous at the beach.

Abs workout routine

Scissors exercise

Lie down on fitness mat, or even on a carpet, squeeze your back and head to it. It‘s important not to raise up your back or neck, because that‘s how you can hurt your spine. Remind yourself that you are working on abdominal muscles so get all the workload to them. While lying down, raise your straight legs up and pretend that they are scissors. There is something in the air what has to be cut up so just work for it. Keep “cutting” for a few minutes and your calories and all bad emotions will be cut of. This exercise is kind of ancient but very efficient.

Circle rotation exercise

Lie down and squeeze your back to the mat or carpet. Your legs have to be outstretched and squeezed together. Raise them both about 25 centimetres up the floor and rotate circles in the air. If you are feeling strain of your abdominal muscles that means you are on the right way. Keep rotating for few minutes, don’t forget to replace sides.

Cross crunches exercise

Lie down, join your hands over head, bend your knees. Start to do crunches, but the main point of this exercise is that at the first crunch you have to reach your left leg, second – right leg. Keep doing it for few minutes, 20-30 crunches would be enough.

Hoop twisting exercise

If you want to get flat stomach – get a hoop! Hoop twisting on your waist helps to dispose needless fat, it’s enough to twist it for 15-30 minutes a day.

Now you can get flat stomach without any difficult abs workout routine or hours spent at the gym, this set of exercises is the most simple it could ever be. It’s important to remember that doesn’t matter what kind of exercises you perform, right nutrition goes collectively. And now it’s your time to adjust your body to summer season.

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