Benefits of Frog Crunches

Benefits of Frog Crunches frog crunches

Benefits of frog crunches

Crunches are one of the most important parts of ab exercises. There are different kinds of crunches like reverse crunches, frog crunches, vertical crunches etc done in various ways. The common thing is to lie down on your back and lift the shoulders and head simultaneously in the upward direction. The abdominal muscles will have to be kept tight while doing this. However, there are many benefits in doing crunches which people are usually not aware of. Below are some of them.

Benefits to Your Core

Crunches are mainly done for improving your core strength. The rectus abdominus and the muscles surrounding them are mainly targeted while doing crunches. Having strong abdominal muscles improves the posture as well as balance of your body. frog crunches and the reverse crunches are the most effective in achieving these results. On strengthening the core, the stamina of your body is equally enhanced.

Calories and Back Pain are also Dealt

Doing crunches hugely benefits you in burning down some substantial amount of calories. You will get more results if you try crunches after some other cardio exercises. In addition to the ab muscles, some crunches like bicycle crunches, vertical crunches, and frog crunches help in avoiding back pain too. Crunches engage some muscles called hip flexors which are present in the back. Strengthening them protects you from experiencing back pain while running or workout sessions. However, you can achieve these benefits only if you do them correctly. Consult a health trainer for what kind of crunches you need to do for your body and how to do them. If you have a lot of fats surrounding your abdomen, then doing crunches will barely have any effect. So, it is better if you lose the fats first.

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