Best Exercises for Your Lower Abs

Lower ab workouts exercises for your lower absThe lower ab forms the bottom section of the abdomen or the rectus abdominus in the body. When we talk about the six pack abs, we are basically talking about the upper abs. The eighth pack is the lower ab. While six pack abs look hot on the body, toning the lower part with the lower ab workouts influences the appearance completely.

Some Important Points to Know about the Lower Abs

There are certain points you need to know about the lower abs first. It is scientifically proved that women store most of the fats they take in daily in their thighs and buttocks, whereas men store most of their fats in the lower abdominals. For some time, you can separate the lower abs from the upper parts but still the other muscles of your core abdomen too work in tandem. There are some specific lower ab workouts that affect your lower parts more than the others.

Some Useful Exercises You can Do

Crunches are considered best for your abs but the reverse crunches are especially good for your lower abs. Keep one thing in mind that never go for developing only the upper abs or only the lower abs. You should train them both. Other lower ab workouts include Swiss ball leg raises and the Hip thrusts. Both require you to lie down on the floor with your palms facing downward. Then slowly exhale as you lift the legs and inhale as you lower them. Subsequently try to lift the hips too when your feet would be in the upright position. Bicycle is one of the exercises that can be used to shape both the lower as well as the higher abs.

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