Beware of the excess

Male abs improving your absThough it is certainly true that resistance is a thing you need to meet and push through, it is important to have an element of balance when it comes to working out and improving your abs. While it is without doubt the case that you’ll gain absolutely nothing if you quit whenever it gets difficult, there is an equivalent necessity to be careful of “overdoing it” when exercising.

It has been noted by experts on eating disorders that a number of anorexics often combine the process of starving themselves with a plan of extreme workout. And while many people will associate anorexia with teenage girls who’re built like twigs, it’s not unknown for training bodybuilders to be prone to the illness as well.

Indeed, it’s not so simple that you can say the issue is one of not enough food and too much workout. Some people can eat what would be a perfectly healthy diet for an office worker who cycles to their job in the morning and home at night, but do an amount of workout that demands much more food.

It really is possible to workout yourself ill. We all know that you can cause yourself an injury by working out excessively, but you can certainly make yourself ill in other ways – from dehydration to malnutrition and many more problems besides. Make sure you take a rest when necessary, or you can do yourself serious damage.

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