Everyone wants a six pack

Six pack abs six packThe intention to have a six pack more often is not because of muscular support to internal organs in that area,  to be stronger at manual labour, or even just for a better health. To get a six pack is much more for a good looking, because everybody knows that a guy with perfect abdominal muscles is much more attractive than with a stomach with loads of fat. The same about girls, flat stomach looks better than jelly belly, but a girl with six pack can look a little bit repulsively. So it’s important to feel the limit when it’s enough and you are looking good, because sometimes as better result you get as more and more you want, that’s how it’s never enough and working out for a good shape becomes at working out for being a “monster”.

There is another reason why people are working on their abs – the power of celebrities. Almost all of them have a perfect shape, men have six packs, women have flat stomach and especially young people who are idolising them are trying to get in the same shape as celebrities are. In one way, it’s good to follow some standards if you are smart and you know what to do to get positive result, but in other way the most important thing is not to make yourself crazy about it, because short cuts to reach it can harm you too bad, and all the dreams to look alike your idol can go wrong.

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