Frog Crunch – Vince Gironda’s Best Kept Secret Exercise

Frog Crunch frog crunchIf you want to show off your ab muscles, you need to combine the right diet with the right kind of ab workout. Having the right diet helps to shed off layers of fat around your belly and the workout helps you exhibit those well defined muscles. The best exercises for your abs will be those which target all your ab muscles like the obliques, transversus abdominis, and rectus abdominis muscle.

Frog Crunch – One of the Effective Abdominal Exercises

Some abdominal workouts that help you acquire the ripped abs are the plank, leg raise from the floor, frog crunch, and combination of frog crunch and leg raise. Among these, the crunch – froggy style is one of the best workouts. This was devised by the legendary body builder Vince Gironda. The movement can be elaborated as follows.

The Frog Crunch Movement – Elaborated

In traditional crunches, more work is done on the hips than the abs which is not activated enough. This is not so in the frog sit-ups. You need to lie face up on the floor and hands behind your head. In order to prevent your hips from getting more activated, you need to bend your knees out to the sides like a frog. After contracting your abs, your shoulders and head should be raised lightly with your abs crunching in, akin to an accordion. However, you need to bear in mind that you should not put unwanted pressure on your neck and push yourself up by force. You need to keep the tension constant on your abs without lying flat between the reps. If you keep doing repetitions, soon enough, you will get the desired results.

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