Frog Crunches – Classic Tummy Flattening Exercise

The Bicycle Crunch crunches

The Bicycle Crunch. Photo – E. Quinn

In the context of a six-pack abs and a flat belly, the first exercise that comes to mind is crunches. Above and beyond crunches there are two other important prerequisites to be fulfilled namely a right diet and cardio exercises. In any case, crunches play a significant role in belly-flattening.

What is involved in Crunches?

There are various type of crunches practiced in abdominal workouts. They are traditional, reverse, bicycle, and frog crunches. You need to get in the right positions while doing sit-ups and crunches. In these forms of exercises, your hip flexors are primarily worked upon. The hip flexors are those muscles which stretch from your thighs to front part of the lumbar region of your spine. This region is situated in the lower back of the individual. If you go wrong in your posture or position, your hip flexors get overexerted and tightened which may lead to pain in the lower back. In this context, frog crunches are more useful as they activate the abs more than the hip flexors.

How are Crunches Useful?

Besides aesthetics, doing crunches can benefit the body in many ways. Your abdominal muscles are strengthened and toned through crunches. Moreover, they are not as stressful to the lower back as the traditional sit-ups. The crunches are beneficial to the back indirectly as they develop your abdominal muscles that give support and enhance the posture of your back. The difference between frog crunches and the traditional form is that in the former, you have to bend your knees out to the sides instead of keeping them together, but the advantages remain the same.

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