Frog Crunches Guide And Video

Frog Crunch Workout frog crunchesExercise called frog crunches is very advantageous for your abdominal muscles and should be done as often as all other exercises. It’s important to mention that the stance of it can make you feel uncomfortable if there are many people around, so it’s advisable to do it rather at home than in a gym. To perform this exercise you have to lie down, bend your legs through the knees and let your knees fall to the floor, but keep your feet squeezed together. Hands have to be over your head with elbows sideways.

Breathing is very important at working out, frog crunches is not the exception. Breath-out on the way up and breath-in on the way down. It’s very important not to use your hand muscles while doing frog crunches. If you will be lifting head with your arms, when you’ll be getting your head and legs towards to your body center, you can hurt your neck and it’s also reducing workload to the abs. Just use your abdominal muscles to do frog crunches, watch your breathing and don’t rush.

How to perform frog crunches

As it was mentioned you have to lie down with arms over your head and elbows sideways, bent knees pointed to the floor and feet squeezed together. Breath-out while lifting your shoulders and both feet up. Breath – in while getting back in a basic position. Important: do not use hand muscles, frog crunches is up to abdominal muscles.

Frog sit-ups A frog crunches

Frog crunches A (photo by

Frog sit-ups B frog crunches

Frog crunches B (photo by

Video how to perform frog crunches

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