Get to Work on the Ab Workouts

Get to work on the ab workouts Ab WorkoutsAb workouts as the name suggests are exercises to build the strength and stamina of abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles play an important role in everyday functions like breathing, maintaining posture as well as in activities like sneezing and coughing. Ab workouts target the four muscles of the anterior abdominal wall namely the internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis muscle, and transversus abdominis.

Types of Abdominal Exercises and Effective Exercise Gadgets

Various form of disciplines like yoga, pilates, and jogging help in giving the abdominal muscles a thorough workout. Some specific activities also help to target each individual muscle.

One such effective routine which targets the obliques and rectus abdominals is the bicycle crunch. A flat stomach and reduced waistline can be obtained by working out your internal and external obliques along with the requisite diet plan. If you throw in the long arm crunch, which gives a stretch to your arms, the upper portion of your abs is exercised. Besides strengthening the abs if you want to strengthen the back and balance out the muscles, then you need to include plank routine.

You can give your abs an effective workout with the help of certain fitness equipment. The captain’s chair is one such popular gadget besides others like Ab Rocket Twister, Ab Roller, and the Torso Track. Basically, all machines which offer minimum stability form effective equipment for strengthening your abs. The exercise ball, Core Fitness Roller, and stability balls are some of the abs strengthening gadgets.

Misconceptions surrounding Ab Workouts

One of the common misconceptions held in respect of abdominal exercises is that they help to reduce the belly fat. However, such spot reductions are not possible with workouts alone. A comprehensive approach which includes dietary and lifestyle changes besides the ab routine is a must to get a reduced waistline.

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