How to Lose Belly Fat: Small Tips to Check Your Burgeoning Mid-Section

How to Lose Belly Fat how to lose belly fatYou wonder how to lose belly fat due to which you hit the gyms, embark on diet plans, and you do everything possible to get rid of it but do you know how this belly fat is accumulated and what are the implications of this accumulation? Everyone is interested in a svelte figure; however, the main obstructing factor in achieving this goal is your burgeoning mid-section.

Why does Belly Fat Accumulate?

The main culprit leading to large waist lines is cortisol. It is one of the hormones occurring in the body which regulates protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Weight starts accumulating when the cortisol levels increase; with stress being the main cause for the rise. When the level of cortisol increases, the lean muscle mass is broken down and fat starts to get stored around the abdomen. If the diet is not right, then stress increases and this leads to a rise in cortisol levels again. The result is no change in your waistline figures in spite of your daily workout regime. If adequate measures are not taken, this eventually leads to diabetes, heart diseases, and even cancer.

How to Lose Belly Fat?

Inadequate sleep is the reason for change in your hormone production which affects cortisol levels, which in turn cause insulin sensitivity. A good night’s sleep for seven hours is a must. As for exercise, concentrate more on cardio and core training regimes. One of the greatest allies of belly fat is sugar which is why you should eliminate sugar in its white form totally from your diet. Embrace more of vitamin C laden fruits and food items like kale, kiwi fruits, bell peppers etc as they balance the cortisol spikes and produce the compound carnitine which is utilized by the body to convert fat into fuel. Eat more of good fat like walnuts, avocados, and all foods enriched with Omega 3. Keep yourself hydrated. Lastly, a conscious slowing down of your breath and going flat in the relaxation mode can do wonders to your body. If you follow these tips sincerely, you will then never need to wonder on how to lose belly fat.

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