How to Perform Frog Crunches Exercises

The exercises known as frog crunches target abdominal muscles and they have to be done as often as possible. Many people may feel uncomfortable to perform such exercises in the gym and they prefer to do it in their homes. You need to keep your hands over your head and to put the elbows on the sideways while performing them.

Breathing has to be monitored while working out. You have to breathe out on your way up and you have to breathe in, in your way down. You should not try to use your hand muscles while doing the frog crunches. You will be lifting your head using your arms while getting your legs and your heads on the body center. You have to watch your head while doing the exercises and you need to use only the abdominal muscles.

While doing these exercises, you have to lie down on your back with your head on your hands and the elbows on your sideways. You should bent your knees pointed on the floor while breathing out when lifting your own shoulders. While doing this exercise, you should not use hand muscles since frog crunches target only abdominal muscles.

You have to perform the exercises while lifting the shoulders off from the floor and bringing the knees to the midline.

Frog Crunch Workout frog crunches

Frog Crunch – A

Frog Crunch Workout frog crunches

Frog Crunch – B

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