How to reach six-pack abs? Simple workout routine

Bicycle exercise six-pack absLet’s face it. Most men and women, would like to have six-pack abs, but they think it is hard to do, and they generally give up on their dream to achieve it. In reality it is not as hard as most people tend to believe it. There are 3 key elements which you need to incorporate into your daily life, in order to get to your goal:

  1. eating healthy
  2. proper training for your abs
  3. and good night sleep

This article covers the best exercises for training your abdominals. There are two main exercises: crunches, and leg raises, but there are many variations of these, which can provide you with a more intensive and effective training.

According to the American Council on Exercise the 3 best exercises for your mid section are:

  • Bicycle
  • Vertical Bench Leg Raises
  • Exercise Ball Crunch

Bicycle exercise

You should lay on a mat, and put your hands under your head. Move your knees towards your chest, and at the same time, raise the shoulders from the floor without pulling your neck. As you straighten the right leg, move the right elbow to the left leg. Now, switch sides, and keep repeating this motion until you reach 12-20 repetitions.

Bicycle exercise six-pack abs

Bicycle exercise

Vertical Bench Leg Raises

Grab the holders firmly, and lift your legs towards your chest. For more intensity, raise your hips up, when the knees reach the top movement. This exercise can be done mostly in gyms. 12-20 repetitions are recommended.

Leg Raise On Parallel Bars six-pack abs

Leg Raise On Parallel Bars

Exercise Ball Crunch

This exercise is a great tool, to make your abdominals stronger. Compared to crunches on the floor, with the exercise ball, the abs work harder, and there is less focus on legs, and other body parts, for movement stabilization.
Put the ball below your lower back, and then with your arms crossed around your chest, raise your upper body, lowering your ribcage, down to the hips. The abdominals are stretched, as you lower your upper body back. Remember, to always keep the ball stable. Do around 12-20 repetitions.

Exercise Ball Crunch six-pack abs

Exercise Ball Crunch

Now you have the three most important and effective abs exercises. All you need to do now, is to get your diet and sleep in check, and you are on the way to having an amazing six-pack abs.

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