Make your ab workouts more difficult for thick abs

Man with ripped sexy abs ab workoutsProgression is the main point of your ab workouts, you must not to stand at the same workload during your training sessions. Progression means that you have to aggravate your workouts often to reach the purpose, but it doesn’t mean that changes have to be unreasonable, it would be enough to improve your exercises once a week. Step by step these small changes will get you big results.

There are some advices listed below how you could change your abs workout:

More repetitions

Just ad at least one more rep to your casual exercises every single week and you are on your way to get thick abs. This change won’t be so tangible physically, but week after week and it will be visible very well.

Rest between sets

One more way to make your workout more difficult is to reduce time of the rest between sets. For example if you make 180 sec. break between sets just try to cut 5 seconds down every week. It will compel your abs to grow faster.

More sets

It’s well-known that overworking is not the best way to build your abs. It’s unnecessary to do hundreds of high rep sets. 10-25 reps per set is reasonable choice to train your abs. To add more sets is advisable but unnecessary, because if you are performing more then 25 reps per set adding extra set would make stress to your muscles.


As a resistance you can use some extra weight while doing exercises. For example if you are doing unbends you can keep a dumbbell on your breast it would get more workload for your abs. Also you can use dumbbells doing situps, or any other exercises, it’s up to you. It’s important to add resistance very slowly over time. Too big resistance added dash can be too stressful for your muscles or even make harm to your back.


There are many exercises which are performing in a static position, for example: side planks or walking planks, to make it difficult just enlarge time amount and hold the exercise, it will also get more workload to your abs and stimulates them to grow.

Slow Negatives

In short – slow negatives mean that you are performing exercise at normal speed and then getting back your body to the basic position of exercise very slow. If you are doing rep in 3-4 sec. slowly add some more time and elongate this time to 10 sec., but don’t do it dash, everything has to be gradual.  This method is very tiring and difficult so it’s better not to use it frequently.

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